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I was in pain-helplessly hurting-that I wished the world would swallow me whole and leave no trace of my dire existence. I was a cold place like the tears of the unheard voices that were screaming in the evening. I was the unread pages of a book that was rotting on the barren shelf.
Until you found me lost in that ocean of empty people under the waves of rain - the world started to show me colors. The first smile; the first ?hello?; the first touch; the first conversation; the first time I felt human; I knew I was diving into a better realm of the universe.
You took me out of the wilderness of sorrow and brought me home to a place I called ?Belonging?.
To Geirone; the lost; those that are found; those that are searching, find this. This is our story. Ours is a story that is meant to be told carefully.

To Geirone, For Finding Me And Taking Me - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083797
  • Ronald Sapirao Fernandez
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