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As humankind takes flight to become an interplanetary species it is still to delineate the limits of sovereignty in the vertical plane. What may seem as a legal quibble is in fact irrevocably intertwined with politics and science. This book seeks to breakdown the complexities surrounding the delimitation of outer space and proposes a solution that would be conducive to aerospace activities. It explores the various theories that have been suggested, from the absurd to the deceivingly simple. This book argues that a method to delimit outer space need not be alien to established jurisprudence.  Importantly, it conveys these ideas lucidly to make it intelligible to the enthusiast and lawyer alike. Can we as a species truly make space the ?common heritage of mankind??

To Infinity And Beyond? - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083292
  • Noel Jackson Therattil
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