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Years of agony and pain, the path will cross bringing the old and present pain to Maria Isabelle. Whatever the decision she�ll take it won�t be easy to take another step with the man she loved so much. Realizing despite what happened in the past there is something hidden in her heart that the years didn�t made it enough to forget. 
Will she take another step with the man when he caused everyone in her life to lost or will she take her own step to fill the gap and face the fears that made her miserable. 
�My own version of St. Peter� 
A man that gave him so much unexpected things that made her life hard and worth at the same time. Will it be worth it forever? Or maybe not. 
A love with so much pain and hopeless. Will she try to do it again or accept the fact that everything isn�t just a dream but a reality that she needs to accept. While Razo trying to find his luck in the middle of the night, at the crowded place, he saw the answer to his prayers. A glimpse of hope isn�t enough to describe how hopeful he is. This time he will never let the time stops for them. Who would have thought that the greatest desire that you hold will just slip away faster than the wind. Even the blink of an eye is too slow to notice that it�s gone.  A nostalgia of past and euphoria of present.

Touch of Feathers

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