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"When the moon falls, heroes rise…
In Trajectory, danger lurks at every turn as Callisto, one of Mars’s moons joins
Earth’s orbit, causing catastrophic consequences. As the world is plunged into
darkness and chaos, a former astronaut, firefighter turned cop, airline pilot,
prisoner, and a space shuttle enthusiast must come together to face an impossible
task. With time running out, the team races against the clock to save humanity
from the brink of destruction. But as they journey into space, the unlikely heroes
discover that the challenges they face are more treacherous than they could have
ever imagined, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Will they be able to save the world from impending doom, or will all be lost
One thing is for sure, in this epic adventure, anything can happen – and no one is"


SKU: 9789357873758
  • Stephen Cheshire
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