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"Trouble for Sale is set in a bloody and servile ship of state -
‘mother’ Nyeka marred with despicable atrocities, disarrays,
and social injustices; the precursors for anarchies, disasters, and
lawlessness brings into the limelight a country whose protection for
its citizens is withering and calamitous - their guard has stooped too
low; an emblem of bad governance in need and want of supraethnic
nationalism. Nationalists with big mouths are silenced for
stepping on the jiggers of tyrants and despots. Gati, a ‘peaceful’
demonstrator is butchered by the heartless and sycophantic soldiers
who are under the patronage of loathsome leaders; the perpetrators
of tumults and pandemonium in the land. They swagger around
with stingy opulence showered with endless appetites for thighs,
power, wealth, and land. Their demeanor tells of their arrogance
and true testimonies of intellectual paucity with the brains of pitlatrine
flies! Perennial and pertinent issues - oppression and high
cost of living are tackled. Justice has withered and died. Power is
abused and buys men with white robes.
Religion should comfort, rejuvenate and elevate the souls but it is
depicted as one of the ugliest institutions elevating, tending, and
preserving moral decay. An insinuation that the state is deviating to
a paranoid extent. Hypocrisy has spilled over to spheres of utmost
trust. A clear metric of measurement is that we should trust none
but ourselves. Mwariama, a barrister and a solicitor, stands out
as an epitome of reason of whom an embodiment of patriotism
(Reviewed by Geoffrey Ogwankwa, Laikipia University, Kenya)"

Trouble for Sale

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