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Tyler McAdam Harisson had a dream. He was given an egg, and a letter snugged in a parchment envelope, whilst a lady in black robes, surrounded with purple flames, floated in the air. Raindrops suspended in the thick atmosphere around them, and some delusional remarks that changed his life forever?something about the dark lord and immortality. Tyler had lived his whole life believing that he's such a sore loser and an untrustworthy person. Countless times that he had witnessed himself fail and prove nothing. After he learnt who his birth father was, he still hesitated and doubted. He was given the task no mortal human could ever perceive, and now he must come to terms with his father who abandoned him, face terrible monsters, brawl with horrendous witches and wizards, and come face to face with the Olympians. Will Tyler choose to take matters into his own hands and fight for the people who believe in him? Or will his fear of uncovering the dark truth and secrets about the two greatest wizards get the best of him?

Tyler Harisson and the Gryphon's Sacred Blood - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084264
  • Paperback