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Unapologetically Her is not your typical love is a story of love, tenacity, struggle, conflict, dejection and so much more. Set in current day, small town India it traces the life and love of two very ordinary young women who are very different and yet so much alike and are drawn together in their journey from self-discovery to coming out as lesbians. The journey is filled with pain, rejection, self doubt, religious bias, ridicule and social ostracism.
And of course there is society. The �what will people say?� angle that every middle class Indian family and individual is so concerned about and the fear to be who they are and reveal their true self that is part and parcel of this fear. It is this fear coupled with the need to conform and fit in that drives a wedge in their relationship. And then there arises the question of whether each one of them is prepared to go down that journey and be who she truly is...unapologetically her. Don�t put this down if you want to find out!

Unapologetically Her

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  • Zenaida Cubbinz
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