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When you love someone, you accept the complete package including their flaws, and then apply your wisdom and courage to change the things you can! Many spouses are caught unawares, when faced with the disease of alcoholism in the family, and our protagonist Gauri is no exception. She is an urban educated middle class Indian woman who comes from a disciplined fau i family. At the age of twenty five, she aspires for a career, and growing on a diet of Mills and Boons, she dreams of finding her hero and falling in love. But real life is different! This romantic comedy is about Gauri�s arranged marriage to Siddharth who turns out to be an alcoholic. In this interesting battle with the bottle, the conflict arises when on a work assignment abroad, Siddharth�s billionaire Harvard educated boss (straight out of a Mills & Boon) proposes to Gauri and she is well and truly caught between the devil and the deep sea!

Under the Spell of Bacchus

SKU: 9789354903748
  • Meenakshi Gautam Chaturvedi
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