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I feel the anvil in my chest.
I can�t move.
Can�t breathe.
Can�t relax and calm myself.
This anvil who knows nothing.
Nothing but to craft destruction,
To cast desolation upon my heart.
Pain is painful.
It touches you.
It screams at you.
It soothes within you.
It demands to be and to keep on being.
Until you resist it no longer,
And until you let it leave your side willingly.
Will you bear the sin of hypocrisy?
All heroes are such,
Null this primitivity,
Burn the very fabric of reality,
With quintillion singularities,
Septillion abnormalities, sextillion anomalies,
None remained.
I�m a hero and a hypocrite.
I never wanted pain, but I still did it.
I�m a hero to those I saved,
And a hypocrite for betraying myself.
So, if you need a hypocrite, I will be.
A hero, I will be.
Through this book, I will be.

Unholy Endeavors

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  • John Rick O. Evangelista
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