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Voices of Love Letters from Africa is a collection of writings from young writers from Africa. The 2021 winners and finalists of the 2021 Chima Ugokwe Prize for Essay contributed to this volume. They are voices of Hope. Voices of patriotism. Voices of common sense. They are innocent voices from Africa. Beautiful souls who wrote from their hearts. They have given us hope, a future, and love. I was touched as I read thoughtful lines that proffers solutions to many contemporary challenges that the pandemic came with. The Ubuntu. I am because weare. They were part of a history that will never die. They witnessed a time when humanity listened to the same whistle and we all got home. For the first time, we were worried about ourselves, our neighbors, our children, and distant persons. For the first time, generosity thrived more than it does in festivities. For the first time, we live consciously, watching and paying attention to headlines and breaking news. For the first time we cried for people we do not know and had never seen. We became human and to some, more religious. Well, for the same time still, we had to socially distance ourselves from our friends and loved ones. In their believe, they are sure that common sense can no longer prevail, but a sense of common purpose, a sense of deep thinking that targets our living beyond fears, beyond doubts and worries, beyond insensibility and irresponsibility, a sense that can generate widespread new understanding of reality and collective action. We must live for others. That is the spirit.

Voices of Love Letters from Africa - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083682
  • Chima Ugokwe (Author), Isaiah Gbenga Adepoju (Author), Etuk Emilia Ekamese (Author), Chris Gonoh (Author), Abur Micheal Ushahemba (Author), Oweazim Chukwufumnanya (Author), Praise Ebirim (Author), Princess Treasure-Chukwuemeka (Author), Oguche Abraham (Author), Iheanyi Favour Chisom (Author)
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