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Lying on your bed. Looking at the ceiling. Thinking about where did everything go wrong. Each 
night has been a remembrance of what you are ----lonely and empty. 
Life is neither a lap-of-luxury nor a tale of rainbows and unicorns. At the age of 8, children want to grow faster believing that freedom lies with age. At twenty, young adults start to get lost. They stand in the middle of somewhere called lost and forgotten. Who knew they would get tired at their age? In thirty�s, people think they are running out of time. Everyone seems to be settling down. Success has been on other people�s spoon except for them. At forty, responsibilities keep piling up. It goes from the beginning with its ending unknown. Life continues at fifty, and so on. Time to compare what they become to what they wish to be when they were younger. 
Aren�t we all lost? Lost in love, in pain, in regrets, in emptiness, and in what ifs brought by varied wars we are battling with.
In the end, what�s more painful than loneliness? Isn�t it the feeling of emptiness? How it made you feel so free, so light yet feeling so small, so little, so useless.
Pick up your armor of courage, wear your clothe of bravery, arm yourself with faith, and shoot 
them with your true self. You�ll win this battle because you�re a warrior ready to conquer wars 
inside you.

Wars Inside You

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