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Welcome to the Metropolis. The place called home by all of humanity. After a second Pangaea united all nations of the world, a global organization known as the New Order Society brought the whole of mankind together into what is supposedly a new age of peace. All wars have been brought to an end. Social divides such as race, religion, and social classes no longer exist. However, a new major source of conflict has risen in their stead. Waywards. While they are known to have abilities of great magnitude, most Waywards aren't easy to find as the majority of them have abilities that are within their control. Currently, there are no clear means to identify a Wayward from their external appearance so long as they do not use their abilities. They could be a total stranger, a coworker in any given profession, or even your very own friends and family. While the authorities have been addressing this issue with utmost importance, many confrontations with such individuals have unfortunately resulted in violence. One such notable incident had resulted in the death of Horus; a high-profile Wayward known to have tremendous power and a powerful backing from other individuals of great significance. His loss had resulted in a sudden rise of Wayward activity with the fate of the Metropolis hanging in the balance with the future actions taken by those involved...

Waywards - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082907
  • Albert H. S.