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The poetry collection �We fight for our long-lasting Viet Nam� is selected by Associate Prof. Dr. Luong Minh Cu. The poetry collection�s name has hinted at a generation of soldiers battling and writing poems. When reading the collection, we will get to know talented generals like Senior Lieutenant General Tran Van Tra, and Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Cam, who used to compose poems while directly commanding the battlefield. War is a harsh challenge in life, but war also toughened a generation of soldiers to become generals and poets. Each artist is a secretary of an era, then the poets wearing military uniforms are the secretaries of blood and flower, they combine the souls of their generations in the poems, remembering a time with everyone sacrificed for the country and two words: Viet Nam. Their poems are full of feelings and the soul�s delicacy in the beauty of the country and its people.

We fight for our long-lasting Vietnam

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