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The cities of Mumbai, Delhi and, Kolkata are in jeopardy due to a serial killer on loose. James, a cop tries to unravel this mystery. Then from Tower to tent every inch of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are under the control of a master criminal. He is a cause of human suffering caused by humans. In his path of destruction, he had disrupted the lives of three modern-day high profile young police officers. Sathyadev had lost a loved one. Ajmal who was part of the cyber-security whose girlfriend was brutally raped and murdered. James who is witty and fast to action had also lost so much to azdonbul but there is something else that connects the two. The two keep crossing paths often and till now James had been able get the upper hand. In Mumbai modern society a group of teetotalers frustrated by the declining self-respect of men wage their war against the impure who they consider as the people who drink, smoke, do drugs. So it's the teetotalers vs non -teetotalers   . As the saying goes ?desperate times need desperate action?, the teetotalers seek the help of a notorious gang who calls themselves robinhoods. The teetotalers and Robinson join hands to take over a several pubs in Mumbai to strike fear into the hearts of the non-.teetotalers

What Is Justice - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083110
  • Harish Muralidhar
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