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"When the Wolf Howls to the Moon is a collection of prose and poetry written in the last two years. In its most honest sense, it is a craft born from the outbursts and outpour of emotions from a soul swirling about its own private mess at a time when the world is tormented with fear and uncertainties. Thus, it speaks of angst as it manifested amidst a hushed and distorted society. It explores despair in its varying degrees and nuances, constantly lingering at corners where humanity lost and found sanity. It unravels hope mushrooming from the most unlikely places, love escaping from famished lips, strength erupting from arms which have never known or discovered their capacities.  Aside from emotions warily sprinkled to decorate each page, it also tackles prevalent issues that aspires to inform, awaken consciousness and extract varying opinions from the readers. 
True to its promise to offer solace to those who believes they are lone wolves wandering the endless path of loneliness, this book testifies that each of us experiences the same emotions, runs the same thoughts as everyone else; the only distinction lies on our level of perceptions. No one is ever alone. Our experiences are always interconnected with the giant web of stories being crafted and will eventually become part of our collective history. Hence, whoever you are and whatever you do, remember that you have always been part of the pack ceaselessly howling its fury to the moon. "

When the Wolf Howls to the Moon - Dust Jacket

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  • Ana Grasya