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The great civilization of India, which is known as Hindu culture, has 
contributed a lot in the field of science. This shows that they never promoted 
superstition, nor did the people remain undeveloped and ignorant. Aeronautical 
science in the twenty-first century is difficult and complex. In manufacturing an 
aircraft, each and every part of the aircraft has to be carefully tested and evaluated. 
Material selection, aerofoil selection, weight of the aircraft, thrust required etc. 
These factors have an impact in the manufacturing of aircraft. Many things were 
practiced repeatedly in Indian ancient aviation. They have told the material selection 
making vimana, the instruments used in vimana, the technique of making 
instruments, the weapons of the enemy vimana, the electric power that runs the 
vimana, the electric wire and the cover of the wire. This is surprising. I think we 
should try to study the Indian ancient culture once again. Maybe we can learn 
something from this. We may not be able to understand those techniques but we 
can definitely get new ideas to make things easier.

Wings of India - Dust Jacket

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  • Shubham Ramesh Chavan