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Poetess Bang Ai Tho built her exotic and unique poetry image by the volume of poems ?Wizard of poetry?. Each poem transforms into an unpredictable fantasy like a magical and unpredictable life. Happiness will follow suffering, and hope will follow disappointment, all are the duality of life, always going hand in hand with the fate of Vietnamese women. But overcoming adversity and disagreement of their life, the poetic soul of Vietnamese women still flies on its thin, light wings, still singing the love song of life. Her poetry is the soaring voice that affirms the nature of a Vietnamese woman, whose heart falls in love of everything in life, but she can also stand up and erase all the old ties of evil customs to bring poetry into life. 
- Writer Kieu Bich Hau

Wizard of Poetry - Dust Jacket

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  • Bang Ai Tho