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Mabel Sawyer is a twenty five year old who knows nothing of the vampire realm or the supernatural. She lives in Pumpkin Patch, Georgia- a bustling, lively, southern city. She's a vampire fairy with a splash of elf. It's not until two familiar faces- brothers; Teo and Alex Darling show up that things start unraveling. She's not thrilled about them returning, let alone learning of wolves and dead gods in the process. 
          She's not sure she even wants to accept the truth- the truth that her former boyfriend; Tate Douglas brought on. She would rather die than drink blood. There's just one small hitch; she doesn't have to drink blood. She can survive on feeding upon energy. Among it all, she goes on a journey with Mitzy, Elijah, and Martin Sawyer. 
          They'll uncover a new realm while having to save Pumpkin Patch from chaos. A chaos that could leave the world in shambles and destruction. Can Mabel Sawyer leave the wonderstruck in her past? Or will she become even more wonderstruck by her adventures with brief romances?


SKU: 9789356976139
  • Madaline Clifton
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