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"�words breathe in silence� has been created with the stories that Anindita Bose has observed in life. Many of the ideas have been from the human world itself, with an open window to look at society differently or to accept the stories that are part of our own destiny. The purpose of this book is to begin a journey in which she can create more paths for herself and the people; the paths which perhaps will lead us all to connect together and look at life with more curiosity and zeal. 

�Each story is fueled by a refined knowledge of magical wisdom. Bose shows man in his reckless struggle with fate.�

- Anne Vegter,
(former) Poet Laureate of the Netherlands

�I noticed in the society how the women are given chances to bloom only to be crushed repeatedly,� writes Anindita Bose in one of these stories in which she combines attention to daily life with another dimension that seems to come from a soul who is many years older than she actually is.�

 - Franca Mancinelli
Fano, Italy"

words breathe in silence - Dust Jacket

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  • Anindita Bose
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