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Emma Anderson is a beautiful, young woman who has lived in Dervalle all her life. But after deciding to take up a Masters Degree while working, her finances are starting to get depleted so she decided to look for a higher paying job. Scouting for jobs within the area, she learned that Cornerstone Magnet Corporation, a highly reputable marketing firm, is going to need marketing associates to work in her town so she decided to apply to them. Passing the initial interview, she felt quite confident she would land one of the jobs being a local of the community. But after the final interview in Yorkware, the city where the company's headquarters was located, a change of plans have happened. She was not offered employment in Dervalle but in Yorkware instead, a place far and different from her hometown. Yet she chose to take the job to keep her sister company. But she had a sweet yet rude awakening on her first day of the job, and such encounters continued. Will she be able to stay in her work or will such encounters cause her to quit too soon?

Yorkware Express - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082892
  • Ruby Rose Pakinkin
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