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First Step to Film Production

Create Your Screenplays NOW!!

What is a Screenplay?

A screenplay is a written document or script that serves as the blueprint for a film or television show. It is a creative tool used by screenwriters to convey the story, characters, dialogue, and action of a visual production. Screenplays are typically written in a specific format and structure, following industry-standard guidelines. They include various elements such as scene descriptions, dialogue, character names, and other technical details. The purpose of a screenplay is to provide a clear and organized representation of the story, allowing directors, actors, and other production personnel to understand and interpret the vision of the writer.

Why is a Screenplay beneficial to have while pitching to producers for film making?

While a story or a book may seem interesting to be taken up, the prospect of creating the film or the investments to be done becomes clear in the investor's mind, when he sees the screenplay which is almost the mandatory first step to create the film after having the story in place. It enables one to assess the number of locations, characters, scenes and takes which form the major components of making the film.

An Easy 2 Step Process

Step 1 - Submit Content

“Come on Ma, let’s go,” Richa pulled my shirt, jumping with joy holding an aeroplane in her hand.

“It’s moving, it’s moving,” she cried as she tightly clenched my sleeves. ‘The Giant Wheel’ before her was already in mo-tion, while the boy at the counter pushed the handle down. With her gleaming eyes and chubby cheeks, Richa screamed with laughter pulling me harder and harder to go towards it. I could feel the restlessness she was going through, as I firmly held her tiny hands.

I picked her up and poked gently on her four-year old bel-ly, “Baby, not now, maybe some other time. We have a similar wheel at the park near our home.”

“No Ma, you never come. It’s always Daddy who takes me on these rides. This time you have to be with me.” I smiled at her and kissed her forehead while I saw the wheel taking its third round and the children in the hanging chairs yelling out loud. I could hear murmurs in my head and screams of joy ran through my ears. I felt a hand holding me and taking me high up on the ride all set to make the big dive downwards.

My heart wanted to go deep into the past and try out all the rides that I could see in front of me, but something was holding me down refraining me from going on any of them.

Suddenly I felt a pull on my hair as Richa became restless and I realized I had been staring at the Giant Wheel blankly for the past ten minutes.

Step 2 - Get Screenplay Created



The sounds of laughter and excitement fill the air as families enjoy the various rides and attractions. Among the crowd, PRIYA, a loving mother, walks hand-in-hand with her daughter, RICHA, a four-year-old bundle of energy, who clutches an airplane toy tightly.

Come on, Ma! Let's go!


Richa tugs at Priya's shirt, jumping with joy.


Alright, my little adventurer. Where are we going?

They approach "The Giant Wheel," which is already in motion. The boy at the counter pushes the handle down, and the wheel spins.

Look, Ma! It's moving! It's moving!

Richa clenches Priya's sleeves, her eyes gleaming with excitement and her cheeks rosy with joy.

Faster, Ma! Let's go on it!

(trying to calm Richa)
Hold on, sweetheart. We have a similar wheel at the park near our home. Maybe another time.

No, Ma! You never come. It's always Daddy who takes me on these rides. This time, you have to be with me.

Priya smiles at Richa's determination, feeling a pang of guilt. She kisses Richa's forehead.


Alright, my darling. This time, I'll be with you.

They continue to watch the Giant Wheel, which completes its third round. The children in the hanging chairs scream with delight. Priya's mind drifts, hearing murmurs and joyful screams.




Priya feels a hand holding her, and suddenly, she is transported back in time. She envisions herself riding all the thrilling attractions she sees before her.


I want to experience them all, go back to the past, and feel the rush of those rides.

However, something holds her back, keeping her grounded in reality.

Suddenly, Richa's restlessness breaks Priya's reverie. Richa tugs at Priya's hair, reminding her of the present moment.


(snapping back)
Oh! Sorry, sweetheart. I got lost in my thoughts. Let's go, my little explorer!

They walk away, leaving the Giant Wheel behind, but Priya carries the bittersweet longing for the past within her.


Requirements: Content/ Storyline that needs to be converted (in English)

Kindly write to us if original language is not in English so that we may check the availability and get back.


  • Creation of direct screenplays from your storylines

  • Submission of screenplays to respective author/participant

  • Creation of Screenplay book (new genre in market) followed by regular publishing with royalties

  • Catalogue formation & representation in Film Bazaar 2023 

  • Catalogue formation & circulation to visiting producers/directors at our stand and online directory in Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

  • Hardcopy Certificate of Honor

Pricing: (Valid till 30th Sept'23)                                   
Introductory Price: 7,000 INR OR 100USD OR 5,000 PHP for content up 200 pages

Beyond 200 pages: 15INR per page OR 1USD per page OR 15PHP per page

Base Language of Screenplay Creation: English

For Translating to available 12 Languages as below: Rs.2500 add-on per language

German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Tagalog/Filipino, Greek, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch & Malay

For any queries feel free to write to us at                            

Disclaimer: Development of Screenplay is a chargeable service offering. Screenplay delivery is not as per timeframe adaptation but as per screenplay book formation length.

NOTE - All Content Copyright belongs to the Author

Our First Full Length Feature Film Coming Soon...

We are pleased to let you know that from last year's Book to Box Office program initiated by NFDC in Goa in 2023, among thousands of other stories and catalogs our book named Parallel was shortlisted and finalized for the production of a full length feature film. The shooting of the film is complete and it is in post production phase now (expected to be screened at the festivals November 2023 onwards).


While a couple of other books were shortlisted during the same event (and the respective authors intimated) with their pitches still on-going, we have come up with screenplay creation offerings combined with representation in 2023 wherein the screenplays for each story/book would be created irrespective of being shortlisted.



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