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How does this work?

1. All Giveaways shall be listed on the Events portfolio as an ongoing online Event and a registration link will be managed accordingly

2. Giveaways would be announced by,

   a. Running campaigns on all Social Media platforms highlighting the title extensively
   b. Leveraging Ukiyoto's onsite traffic
Encouraging the Author to share the Giveaway him/herself and spread the word to his network

3. Winners would be chosen on a random probability basis over the total number of audience registered during the Giveaway time duration (i.e. if the number of copies in a Giveaway is selected as five (5) and is conducted for one (1) month, five (5) lucky participants out of total registered audience over one (1) month would be chosen by a random algorithm and declared the winners)

4. Winners would be issued Giveaway Coupons along with E-Book links to claim their copies

5. Giveaway is a powerful effective tool to capture the audience interest in a book and seek reviews and ratings and in turn generate further interest in the purchase of the title in future

Terms and Conditions for Running Giveaways

1. Giveaways need to be created at least five (5) business days in advance from the date of commencement of the giveaway campaign (for moderation and promotions to be scheduled accordingly)

2. Giveaways will be activated only post payment completion (Number of Copies x Min Cost (USD) per title as mentioned in the Author's publishing dashboard and as intimated over mail for USD value only) for the number of titles chosen for Giveaway


3. All payments need to made in USD only. Please write back to us for payments to be made in any other currency. The value for the same shall be taken as min Cost in USD converted to that particular currency at the current exchange rate.

4. For any queries on total payment to be made for running the Giveaway, please feel free to mail at or Whatsapp at +96890231332

5. Offers and Giveaways for a particular title can be clubbed and run at the same time

6. Ukiyoto would share the email ids of the final winners of the Giveaways and seek reviews and feedback on the title for which the campaign has been ran

7. Author is encouraged to boost his Giveaway (optional) for a payment of 15$ to increase network reach and garner enhanced traction

8. Ukiyoto would share the count of registrations only (and not any further details to maintain audience privacy) while running Giveaway campaign for driving audience to the Author's title

9. Separate Giveaway campaigns with separate payment orders as applicable would need to be run for multiple titles of the same Author and same registration and campaign procedure would be followed for each title activated

10. Currently Giveaways are available only for E-Books. For Paperback Giveaways in your respective geography please write back to us at

Congrats! Your Giveaway is now submitted. Please make the required payment for activation of your title.

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No. of Copies for Giveaway x Min Cost

Boost Giveaway for 15$ for enhanced reach and visbility of your title

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