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Creating quality content and means of propagating content for better reach

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Ananya Nair

Creating impactful, engaging content in the era of hyper-digitalization and fifteen-second attention spans is not a piece of cake, especially with the rise of AI tools, which threaten to change the landscape of content writing in the years to come. Content is the driving force behind the formation of many opinions, brands and causes. Good, well-researched and well-targeted content can be a powerful tool for reform if it reaches the correct demographic. It can sway people to make certain choices, to spread certain ideologies and be the backing source for them, to set the tone for similar niches to thrive, ultimately content (visual, or literary) is pivotal in an increasingly educated and opinionated era where information is readily available at everybody’s fingertips. Writing content in a time when graphics and audios dominate the scene is not easy, but in a world full of billions of people, you are sure to find spaces that cater to you and spaces you can cater to, as long as there is language, there will be readers and there will be a place for those who write. In such a scenario, the pressure to ideate and produce good quality content relies heavily on the creators of the time, beating mediocrity and an oversaturated market, creating quality content can be a rewarding yet rigorous experience. With the rise of social media and the parallel rise of self-proclaimed experts in every field, proving one’s mettle can be a tricky task.

Quality content, however, has some distinguishable qualities which allow it to hold hegemony over regenerated, paraphrased material. Content that is created from a place of originality and inspiration will always have a streak of fresh perspective, such work can engage a reader and give them food for thought, it not only grabs the attention but also lives outside the website, paper or tabloid it is published in, it becomes part of people’s opinions and daily lives, good content can exist outside of its allotted space while monotonous work will have a temporary effect and then escape the mind. The reason that well-written literature, research, songs or scripts can shape actual ideologies and inspire further art such as movies, TV shows, paintings and photography is testimony to this. Knowing the target audience, knowing what emotions can be drawn upon, to evoke relevance and relatable experiences are all signs of quality content which stays with readers long after they’ve left the piece. Some attributes that are unique to good, well-written content are;


Concise and straightforward content that can pack a lot of information in a little amount can go a long way in retaining a larger amount of readers, nobody likes to stay stuck on long-winded paragraphs that reiterate the same topic over and over again.


Descriptive writing with heavy imagery and lived examples can serve as a great incentive for people to read and relate to the content. Readers are more likely to connect to a piece that is detailed and imaginative in its essence as compared to a piece which is purely technical and reads like an instruction manual.

Well Structured

Encountering content that is disconnected and all over the place is not a pleasant experience for anyone, there is a difference between straightforward writing and straight-up jumping into the narrative. Pieces that are well thought out with introductions, statistics, solutions, personal experiences and conclusions are easier to navigate.


Using relevant references and instances in the correct context can allow the reader to establish a sense of familiarity and fun with your work. For instance, if your piece is about Oscar Wilde, a reference or two about wallpapers and frozen portraits will make your piece far more interesting as compared to a plain biodata-looking paragraph.

Merely creating good content, however, is not the endgame, one needs to promote it in the right niches to achieve the desired growth and audience. Carrying out surveys, talking to like-minded individuals and networking can get your content out of your drafts and onto a well-read platform if you know how to circulate it. Social media is an advantageous tool in this situation, it allows one to recognize the target audience, build a rapport with them as well as observe their likes and dislikes. This is a fantastic way to not only ensure you reach the right people but also allows you to know what you can and cannot talk about. It is not to say that merely logging onto a social media website will make your content skyrocket and widely popular, however, consistency and perseverance are key to the idea of growth. One must bear in mind that there is no place to grow without critique and a fallback here and there, learning is a constant process and it is not a straight and easy one.

A few ways to ensure your content reaches where it is supposed to;


Advertise your skillset, your interests as well as your work, everywhere you get the opportunity, shying away from sharing your abilities will only block your path. Sharing and advertising your capabilities can only allow you to seek out opportunities and establish your presence in a specific field.


Associate with other people who work in similar fields, learn from their experiences, tell them yours, collaborate and attract twice the audience, and open yourself up to newer perspectives and platforms.


Approaching the right people to advocate for you can do wonders, identify creators and influencers that align with your line of thought and are likely to have a like-minded audience, for instance, if you write about food, approach dietitians, fitness influencers, and chefs with their platforms as well as other food critics who can aid you by talking about your work, causing people who are interested in that discourse to discover your work.


Having established a sizable readership is not necessarily enough, keeping them engaged and attracting new ones is equally important, do not stick to one particular niche and milk it, expand your comfort zone and explore newer techniques, gauge the reactions, and work on creative ways to put out content.


Do not leave it up to other people to propagate your work, be involved every step of the way, share your ideas, connect with friends, family, and acquaintances and actively listen and incorporate their suggestions, contact organizations, send out samples, enter contests, go to conventions, a big part of making your content speak for you is speaking about it first.

Creating content and spreading it far and wide was, is and always will be, an engaging occupation. As long as society thrives, it will need information, it will feed off of opinions, ideas and entertainment. Imagination and creativity are legacies we create, it is up to us to create, critique and connect the right things for the causes we believe in.


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