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This story is the story around us.  It doesn't matter to us until this incident happens in our house.  We often get surprised once we hear, see or read such incidents in newspapers, magazines and through television but then soon forget.  This story is also a story of two lovers  which have ended somewhere in the pages of history.  Both wanted to spend their lives in the thrill of their love.  But the social fabric does not allow them to do so.  Then those situations are created where in order to save themselves, they have to do that work, reading which anyone's soul will tremble.  How can a daughter do this to her family.  Can anyone kill a small child of 6 months?  No one can be in danger from a small child.  But what happened?  Eventually seven members of the family lost their lives.  What will happen to this loving couple?  Will the society accept their child born in jail?

A Graduate Girl In The Cell

SKU: 9789357703642
  • Manohar Dev
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