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The best seller book entitled, Anchor of Destiny, is another intriguing short fiction stories made up of three books; The Great Betrayal, Dark Heart, and The Accountant. The great betrayal is about pastor Ishan and his wife Navi, who pastor a small community church in the heart of Chennai. Pastor was addicted to phone sex and wasted almost their household money on sex hot line. In order for his faithful wife not to expose him to the church and community, he murdered and buried her inside the bush. The book dark heart is about a woman who unknowingly fell in love with a murderer. She wanted to be the woman to change his life for the better but his criminal husband was have a terrifying secret. To kill her, and claimed her money and estate. The book, the accountant is about jewelry business owner who hired an accountant as his bookkeeper to join him perfect a Ponzi scheme, so that at the end, he will pour everything on her, make her disappear without trace and claimed she had made away with his fortunes, so that he can keep all the looted funds to himself.\

Anchor of Destiny

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