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When I think back on the years I've spent in the Middle East, I tend to feel this burning sense of nostalgia. Having spent my years as a firefighter assigned in an airbase, I was mostly surrounded by the desert. In the quietness that engulfed the place and the solitude of being far away from home, I found a friend in poetry. Gazing into the clear blue skies and the stunning desert, I saw the beauty of life. Sandstorms can happen in the moments you least expect, a mirage could occur and deceive you before your eyes, and there were days when intense sunlight can burn through your skin. But despite it all, the calmness follows after and it becomes a picturesque scenery once more. The desert is a lot like life. Unexpected turbulences may occur but, in the end, there is always that calmness purging from the surface. This book is all about life, love, and nature. These poems are testaments that despite the adversities life can bring, it goes on and remains to be beautiful.

Beyond The Sands - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082327
  • Jesus Diaz Llorico
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