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Translation with Global Distribution

To date, we have delivered 300+ Translation projects over a period of 4 months with the best quality and production rate. With our continuous efforts of reaching more geographies and proving the best of services we now, have an offering of 44 languages for translations processes.

Translated titles published by us have already started showing up in various channels from Amazon (wherever present in the EU, Asia and U.S.), Barnes & Noble, Walmart,  Kinokuniya (Largest Japanese Retail), (Largest Chinese Retail), Shopee Philippines, Fishpond Australia & New Zealand to several others at an ever-growing rate.

Our upcoming Kolkata Literary Carnival (KLC2024) to be held on the 12th, 13th & 14th of January, 2024 will specially focus on Asian Languages namely, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipino, Indonesian & Thai.

We will have an exclusive arena for displaying, selling and book-signing of your translated copies.

Opening to 44 Languages

25 European:

German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Belarusian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish

12 Asian: (New Asian channels in Japan, China & Singapore added for distribution of published titles)

Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay, Filipino, Burmese, Indonesian, Thai, Tibetan, Nepali, Javanese

7 Additional:

Russian, Hebrew, Irish, Mongolian, Igbo, Afrikaans, Swahili

Pricing (Valid till 31st Oct'23 only)

Flat Rates Unlimited Pages per Title

Currency: Any of the three (USD/INR/PHP)​​ - Rates are per title only

All 44 Languages: 90,000INR or 1,140USD (only ~ 25USD per title) - Best Rates

Any 30 Languages: 68,000INR or 860USD (only ~ 28USD per title)

Any 20 Languages: 50,000INR or 640USD

Any 15 Languages: 45,000INR or 600USD

Any 5 Languages: 20,000INR or 250USD

Any 1 Language: 6,000INR or 80USD

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For any other combination or number of languages, follow the slabs below for per language rate,

1 to 4  Languages - 6,000INR or 80USD per title

5 to 14 Languages - 4,000INR or 50USD per title

15 to 19 Languages - 3,000INR or 40USD per title

20 to 29 Languages - 2,500INR or 32USD per title

30 to 43 Languages - 2,200INR or 28USD per title

Booking Process for any quantity:

Calculate the total payment >> Click on the Corresponding Link (as per Currency) >> Make Payment >> Notify us via email






1. Post translation, regular publication will follow as per all standard norms along with channel distribution

2. Charges are for translation service only while if you wish to publish on your own, we will hand over the translated file to you

3. Timeline for translation is 2 to 2.5 months

4. Bank Transfer or Gpay/Paytm/UPI payments are also available for booking your translations

Bank Details,

Account Name: Isekai Labs LLP, Account Number: 50200044145985, IFSC Code: HDFC0004096, Bank Name: HDFC Bank

For any queries, email us at:

Retail Channels (Global Distribution)