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"“The Crowned Butcher” invites readers on a compelling journey through
the perilous political terrain of Wamathina. In the iron-clad grip of
President H.E. Megalomania’s rule, tyranny and corruption thrive,
subjecting citizens to oppression and fueling a fervent yearning for change.
Against this backdrop, the lives of several intriguing characters become
intertwined. Kioni, a proficient sniper, becomes entangled in a perilous
game when tasked with eliminating the Minister for Defense. Gatoboku,
a government-employed assassin, rises as Kioni’s superior, assigning him
lethal missions. Meanwhile, Samahani courageously declares her affection
for Gatoboku, defying his stern disposition and involvement in the
oppressive regime.
As the narrative unfolds, these characters navigate a realm fraught with
brutality and deceit. The superintendent, overseeing their assignments,
leads them into dungeons where torment and mutilation are commonplace.
Despite their grim circumstances, Kioni and Haiez, fellow sufferers,
discover solace in their camaraderie and pledge to break free from their
“The Crowned Butcher” delves into themes of resilience, allegiance, and
the battle for liberty. Through the characters’ harrowing ordeals, the novel
exposes the full extent of governmental malfeasance and the extraordinary
lengths to which individuals will go to oppose it.
As the Minister strives for justice and parity, he becomes the focal point of
a vicious smear campaign. Accused of rape and sexual assault, he engages
in an arduous fight for his life and reputation. Aided by his steadfast legal
team, he strives to unveil the government’s ruthless stratagems and usher
in a more equitable society."

Crowned Butcher

  • Maina Wahome
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