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A Moment in Time part 2 to Sequel from Descending in Eternal Desire - Tales of Multiverse in Desire of Darkness Tsuky Miki all started when the plan started with the idea, but he didn't know what this plan could do, so with the progress of that, everything changed from what didn't involve getting married to panther woman, in which none of them knew when it started, they didn't know who, but what they did know was one or all of them. at the same time. in a moment everything changes Tsuky Miki had the idea, he invested in a madness, which was simply, start conspiring, discover secrets, investigate or all together, come to an agreement, but someone, or had a plan, was a bet, now he was in trouble, in every sense of pleasure.
Then, at some point, the darkest knight wins, realizing it wasn't as fun as he thought, so he returns to a time when everything changed. radically changing its plan of action. now he plays with the hidden beings of the multiverse.

Eternal Darknest Knight in The Desire Tales from the Multiverse

SKU: 9789354907159
  • SasinaZariell Hashashin
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