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From the Tongue of an Experienced Simpleton is an attempt to break language and to reshape it. All of the poems inside are defined by the constraint that was used to create them. They shackle language and twist it, to the point of breaking. But even in these adverse conditions language persists. It is the spirit of this endurance that this collection hopes to celebrate.


About the Author:


Akshat Khare is an Indian Novelist and Poet whose experiments with writing are directed towards developing a post-postmodern poetics. He is the author of Delhi Blues and Other Poems (2020), From the Tongue of an Experienced Simpleton (2022), The Book of Saudade (2022,PANK),  Truth Be Told: A Tragedy in the Making, and Signifying Nothing. 

From the Tongue Of an Experienced Simpleton

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  • Akshat Khare
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