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i can only wish i could write much tonight but 
i'm so weighed down in words i can't dig. 
i'd be lying this hatred because 
i cannot be loved when 
i'm only beloved by this 
blood with my love. 
how can i leave them if not for 
i killed myself loving who i love. 
he's what i never knew from my silence, 
i've been known but when in their loudest 
have they found me. 
i was with you like an unsealed promise and 
i could only wish to be kept. 
i looked at me like i was looked, 
blank in conviction, 
rotten by curiosities. 

will you love me. 
will you take every word i learned 
from their hands or 
will i leave you unconquered, ??????�

- Sherwin Mago

Joze - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082786
  • Sherwin Mago
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