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The story tells us about the life of a beautiful lady, Lalithapriya. The impact of certain circumstances on her plays an important role in the story. The unexpected incidents took her life on a new path. The people, places, and incidents which she encountered through her journey were not seen ever before. How were the decisions in her life? How has the impact of the people she met affected her life? The story is a combination of the pleasures and the pains experienced by her, along with the interesting events and the people she met through her journey. While reading the story, the readers would connect themselves with the characters and bring out their love and care in their relationships. The story makes them realize not to give-up the relationship in any situation and never lose hope in any crucial part of life. It?s a pure love story between the Sanyasini who had the interesting flashback and an innocent Boat sailor. It?s all about unconditional love and friendship.

Lalithapriya - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082815
  • Sravan Kumar
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