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Aliyah Shane Nicolas started to change when her ex-boyfriend Lewis Mercado breaks up with her. In a snap, she became a fraternity leader and become popular on their campus. She almost rejects everyone around her including her best friend. No one tries to approach her because of her bad temper and attitude, until one day, Ruzzel Jim Estrada, the well-known casanova on their campus made some ways to catch her attention. He started sending lots of letters, chocolates, and other stuff to her. Aliyah got so irritated. She confronted Ruzzel but it still didn't stop him from what he's doing. He did everything just to win Aliyah's heart. Until Aliyah got used to it so she just let it go. One day, Lewis suddenly showed up at their school. He apologizes and wants to talk to Aliyah. Because of hatred, Aliyah chooses to ignore him and just grab the chance of being with Ruzzel. They pretended to have a relationship so that Lewis would stop chasing her. The mock relationship gradually turned into real feelings. They were so happy and in love with each other until series of problems came up. Little did they know that Lewis is facing an incurable sickness and his life is near to end. Suddenly the blow of the wind changed, Aliyah chose to just forgive Lewis. As the days went by, another event changed the happy life they had hoped for. Aliyah found out that it all just started with betting. Betting between Ruzzel and his friends. A bet wherein if Ruzzel were to be questioned, would be a big mistake. He really loved Aliyah and he didn't think of anything he could get when she answered him. But the question is, is Aliyah willing to believe him? Is she ready to give him another chance to correct a wrong start?

Mr Casanova Meets The Notorious Frat Princess

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