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What is the true nature of man? And what if we have forgotten something fundamental to develop our abilities and potential? The story arises from the writer's desire to bring to light an almost forgotten concept about humanity, addressing the introductory theme of this first book in a light and understandable way, and then delving deeper into the second and third books, in which the subject will be explored in greater detail, delving into the core of the message she aims to convey to as many people as possible. Her goal is to raise questions and doubts in the readers, the same inquiries that have always driven her own research and studies. Can concepts such as soul, death, rebirth, and the latent potential of man truly lead us to the discovery of a long-forgotten world? If everything were connected and human beings were to discover that they are truly part of this totality, what could happen to our reality? Would we truly be ready to be deeply shaken, perhaps even to question our beliefs? In this fantasy trilogy, through the intricate romantic plot involving the protagonists, they are pushed to face events that go beyond time and space, as well as the ideologies imposed by cultures. It tells the story of how a bond between souls can overcome any barrier, how harmony and unity can transcend our cultures and races, and how we are all connected to what surrounds us. A story that, starting from our present days, is able to dig deeper, probably surpassing the main images rooted in the collective scenario. The story is set in Ireland, a land particularly dear to the writer, who lived there for several years, continuing to hold the Emerald Isle close to her heart. A land that undoubtedly, thanks to its ancient roots and legends, evokes in a particularly impactful way what the plot will develop along its course.

Shades of the Soul

  • Tinuviel Greenwood
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