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The evolution of an AI engineer into a Jesuit, a Christian priest, and later an Aghori Sadhu, a naked Hindu monk, is the story. On holiday in Goa, Grace, a local girl, invited Abe to stay with her on condition he wouldn't touch her. He became madly in love with Grace but evolved into a celibate. At the Kamakhya temple, Emma, from Amsterdam, a researcher of Aghori Sadhus, prompted him about the joys of sex that challenged Abe's manhood. Her greenish eyes mesmerised him, and the lure tore him apart.
A reverberating saga of sparkling aspirations and fleeting visions of Abe, Grace and Emma, enthralled in the zest of living and entrenched in captivating catastrophe sans exit, elevates the reader into a delightful psychic amorphous experience. 
This explosive existential surrealistic fiction exposes the absurdity and futility of celibacy, asceticism, and renunciation. Grace and Emma are two facets of womanhood, and Abe is the quintessential artist who tries to circumvent his anguish through painting their portraits. The Aghori Sadhu symbolises the meaninglessness of life. His nudity is civilisation's primaeval status, the freedom to be naked

The Celibate

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  • Varghese V Devasia
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