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This novel is divided into  three parts. Part 1 is the life of Jes Raj a brilliant son  of a traditional farmer Gopal, who missed narrowly his chances to get admission in the merit seats with scholarship, for the engineering  course as his poor father couldn’t support his education without his getting a scholarship. So he had, to give up his engineering ambitions which forced him stop his studies and join the Army.  His chance meeting of Gayathree ended up in his marrying her. Their only son Beja had to live under a strict father and indlgent mother. Finally Jes Raj and gayathree were killed in the indo-pak war when a pakistani jet shot down by the Indian pilots fell on the Ambala military hospital where Gayathree was admitted for hyper tension.
Part 2 deals with Beja’s story as a student in the Jawahari lal Nehru University  for political science who met his bossom friends there Rahul and Stobdon who all were as brilliant as he and who all were leftist thinkers  on a mission to find out why Glassnost and Perestroika took easy roots in the soviet union and the People’s republic of China despite the claims of these countries that communism was a people friendly political theory. Luckily they met Xiuying from China who revealed the inhuman goings on in China which finally lead them to give up their leftist thinking. Meanwhil Beja developed a crush for Xiuying and proposed to her who didn’t give a positive answer to his  proposal. Meanwhile so many chance events happens and one was Xiuying’s surprise meeting with his ‘believed to be long lost only brother. Then with the blessings of Xiuying’s long lost brother she gets married to Beja through so many surprise incidents.

The Crusaders

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