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The Dark Kingdom; trilogy is a wonderfully written story about the humble people of a heroic kingdom who decided to stand in the way of evil and find within themselves the winning weapon. Brilliant plots, lucid lines, passability of the text and vividness of the words - these are the main instruments used by the writer to introduce us to a world from which one emerges crowned with a halo of righteousness. This work has all the postulates that recommend it for children and youth, but also for all older readers who want to be participants in the creation of Bosnian fantasy literature - which has its most worthy leader in Fahrudin Ku?uk. This novel has the artistic and marketing potential to be popular and read well beyond the borders of the Bosnian language. This novel is the Lord of the Rings in the Bosnian way.

The Dark Kingdom

SKU: 9789357707398
  • Fahrudin Kučuk

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