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Coming from a "bush" school to join a city one, young Achebe is determined to let his teachers and friends know that no force can withstand a mind imbued with an invincible will to succeed. Not only does he attain his dreams, but he also gains fame so that even his traducer is forced to admire him. Sometimes, the best stories are not the ones dealing with the unfathomable complexities of this life. Sometimes, the best stories are just simple didactic stories leaving us feeling nostalgic after reading them; this is what Amadi E. Njoku's Invincible Will represents to me as I leafed through its pages. It is a novella worth reading and keeping for adults. And as for the younger generation, I am sure this story will be counted among the fond memories of childhood as you advance into adulthood. Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy Poet, Literary Critic, and Book Reviewer.

The Invincible Will

  • Amadi Ekwutosilam Njoku
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