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This book is sequel to the book The Scent Of Paper. The words never finishes.
Till world exists till people exits. They have their own happiness as well as sadness.
These words are in the form of arts. Which gives motivation to people to live.
The papers are full of magic. A magician can do anything. Can make a alive man
also into the pieces as well as dead also. Can catch the birds can talk to the animals.
Like that poet is also very far away from the people of the world. But in can feel
the rhythm of happiness as well as sadness in his soul.
The writing is so much perfect and genius that it travels time knows past, present
and future. The writer sometimes goes outside of this world as well as writes. This
is because writer thinks happiness is not found in this world. All people and their
thinking is traditional here. So the paper speaks with the writing of the writer. For
forever this is a series of words on a paper which is Immortal and for forever.

The Scent Of Paper 2

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  • Binod Dawadi
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