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Have you wondered about the events that happen around us? Do you think about the kind of lives people we come across everyday lead, and how they came to be what they are today? Our life is our story, but what about those little everyday incidents which create the anecdotes filling up the chapters of our life story?


‘The Untold Stories’ shares tiny anecdotes from people’s everyday routines which go on to make remarkable chapters in their life stories. These anecdotes range from incidents around contemporary social issues and events such as terrorism and environmental imbalance to those circling around relationships.


About the Author


After completing her MBA (as any good child should) and working in Marketing, Manali would jot down her thoughts (the ones about her boss, the traffic, or the solace she found in a piece of Kit-Kat after a long day) Soon, bored by her job, she decided to study the written and spoken word as it gave her the most pleasure! So, she did her MA in English Literature and taught English for a while, sharing her love for language with eager recipients. Still, something tugged at her heart strings. That's when she took the plunge and decided to go into fulltime writing. Currently a freelance writer and a blogger, she is a regular contributor to various national as well as international blogs and webzines and alongside these, even runs her own blog. A published poet with her poetry collection titled A Rustic Mind (available on Amazon Kindle), Manali enjoys spending her free time poring over books and pondering about life, alongside some good music and a cup of hot chocolate. Manali is a wanderlust by heart and travelling is her biggest muse which inspires her to write travel stories. A flamboyant wordsmith who passionately captures candid moments, Manali, on the path to follow her passion, has whipped up colors that have painted the town colourful.

The Untold Stories

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