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"In 2011, the Author was diagnosed with Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination and ever since then, she has tried and attempted to flush out her experiences and recover from pain after pain of trauma and shock because (she hears the voices and the voices has made up stories that is injected in her brain or mind or memory) and this has an effect on her.  The writing of the book became her antidote where she would call writing as Dumbledore’s ink or when she tries to flush them out as a memory in a bucket that when it precipitates will form a Phoenix that will rise up from the ashes.  She experiences momentary blanks and stops or halts sometimes when the voices maneuver or fill her world. However, most of the time, she can still function and remain a productive citizen or part of the labor force.  She detests episodes wherein she has to resign jobs and stop her life.
The book was written in the native tongue or vernacular of Filipino.  The diagnosis of Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination is sensitive and intimate and personal and she would like to reveal how it is and the actual transcript or conversation, the actual sentences that she heard from the voices; the actual sentence structure of how she hears them is written in this book.  This book as mentioned earlier is subjective and the author’s own imagination. She would like to reiterate that is a medical condition.  Most of the sentences do not make sense or is only a made up story in her mind."

Touching the Void

SKU: 9789356453449
  • Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria
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