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This book is about tourism in one of the most beautiful and developed country in the world, Germany. The country has a lot of fascinating tourist attractions, ranging from its rich and diverse cultures to the flamboyant festivals. Germany recorded a total of twelve million tourists in 2020, ranking 20th in the world in absolute terms. Not only is Germany the economic powerhouse of the European Union (EU), it just so happens to be one of the best places to visit for those seeking an authentic, exciting vacation on the "continent." Thanks to the superb network of highways (autobahns) and railways that crisscross this central European country, Germany's cities and towns, big and small, are easy to access. Whether you're planning on being based in a single location, such as the magnificent capital of Berlin, or a historic city, such as Munich - or perhaps even embarking on a road (or rail) trip to smaller must-visit places in Germany, like the beautiful spa town of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest or the medieval fortress town of Rothenburg - the list of things to do here is limitless.

Tourism in Germany

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