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"Willow N' Cherry is an �unfictional� E-novel to forge a global medium �the narrative belongs to a new cross-media fiction-unfiction actually-using text, web, audio and video. Incidentally cricket is available across these media platforms too! This is not the first novel to celebrate sports or literature about cricket but perhaps the first to coax the latent writer you�.
The game comprises of a secret group of Puppet Masters who are author-readers who manipulate the storyline, related scenarios. The blank spaces, blogs and specific literary groups on social media are the hubs �.so let your creative juices flow and unleash your fancy and imagination. After all, literature is an acquired art, much like mastering sports or a musical instrument!
This novel also reflects in some fashion the 21st Century milieu and use of gadgets and gizmos.
The players automatically gain entry on purchase of the e-Novel online at or in the email.
 The creative moving of the plot or additions may be mailed to from where the Web Master can upload Trans- media content �Word, Pictures, CD, and PDFs to the ongoing story on the
Lurkers are readers who follow the interactive story on chat lines or social media without directly participating."

Willow N' Cherry - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083109
  • Kamal Abdul Nasir
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