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Publishing Dashboard

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Author Name

Hardika Lalwani

List of Active Channels

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Payout Details

Premium Author Copies

Activate Regional Store Branding (if any)

Activate Premium Press Release (Forbes, HT, Fox & Others)

Royalty from Bookstore Sales = 50% of (Listed Price - Wholesale Discount (50%) - Market Access Fee (10%))

NOTE - Reports from Bookstore sales are received within 30 days from the end of previous month post reconciliation from worldwide channel partners and hence are reflected on the dashboard in the next month's update. For example, Bookstore sales reported in January's dashboard would show the sales done in December. This is for Bookstore sales only while the rest of the channel sales online and on e-commerce platforms are updated monthly in the usual process.


The sales and royalty figures are cumulative until the end of the last month

Frequency of Dashboard update

Monthly for all Online Sales of eBook and Paperback at the following marketplaces,

a. U.S.A

b. U.K.

c. Denmark

f. France

g. Spain

h. Italy

i. Japan

j. Canada

k. India - only eBook

l. Australia - only eBook

m. Mexico - only eBook

n. Brazil - only eBook

o. Netherlands - only eBook

Bi-Monthly (within 60 days) for all Online Sales of Paperback at the following marketplaces,

a. India

b. Singapore

c. Malaysia

d. Japan

Bi-Monthly (within 60 days) for all Bookstore Sales of Paperback at all marketplaces across the world.

Author Tools

A. Run a Giveaway Campaign

Giveaways are excellent powerful tools to attract audience and generate interest on your titles. Run a month long campaign and spread the word about your Giveaway to generate excitement amongst your audience.

B. Connect LinkedIn to your Profile

Adding your publisher's name to your professional resume along with the name of your book always gives you the extra edge of having been officially published.

C. Brand your title for visibility

Select the title you want to personalise on ceramic mugs, pillow covers, tote bags, phone cases, digital art, canvas art, acrylic paint, metal paint, T-shirts or others related, check the availability in your country and place your order.

D. Create an Author Video Series

Record your Author Video according to our Video Interview guidelines or record short snippets of 1 -2 min of Video series reading out chapters from your book and mail them to us for creating Author fan base and connecting more audience to your network. Videos however have to meet our quality standards.

E. Add Instagram 1000 Followers

Having a large number of followers is a great boon to the creation of an Author fan base. You may keep them engaged with teasers of your title and encourage them to review and comment on your posts and title. This will increase audience engagement and yield to better sales.


Send us a mail with your Instagram account name where you want to add 1000 Followers.

We will send you a payment request for 10$ and upon your payment confirmation shall activate the service. You will have your followers loaded within a week.

F. Create an Exclusive Video Teaser

Creating a teaser is always good to grab the initial audience attention. A short one minute video is absolutely apt to get the word spreading about what your book is all about. Share your video on Youtube and other social media and let your potential readers get interested in your release.

Send us your video teaser requirement for your respective title and let us create an awesome video teaser for your book launch. The video teaser price is fixed at 40$.

G. Get Premium Author Copies

Order your Author Copies which will have your Signature on the first page of your title. These titles are Premium Limited Edition titles to be given out on special occasions, book launches, placement at libraries and bookstores and even selling them at MRP gaining enhanced royalty.