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Rowena Portch

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a. Shipping Charges Apply for Author Copy Delivery

b. Author Copy Order is for Min 20 units

c. Premier Copies are deemed as those having Ukiyoto Seal & Author Signature on the First Page

d. Author Copies maybe utilised for Exclusive Giveaways, Competitions, Quizzes, Placement at Local Bookstores with MRP, Sale by Author at MRP gaining enhanced Royalty

e. Email at with the exact number (min 20) of Author Copy requirement to get the Shipping Rate and placement of your order

f. If your Author Copy price is not visible, please send an email with the name of your title to get your Author Copy price which is usually more than 60% less than that available at regular commercial channels

g. We suggest you to send us an email with the query for your title price before ordering as we keep having offers and promotions run by our press and your price may go down further than that what is mentioned in the table above

Note - All prices are for Paperback Copies. To get the price in your regional currency please send an email with the title details for us to get back with the exact copy and shipping rates

Author Tools

A. Run a Giveaway Campaign

Giveaways are excellent powerful tools to attract audience and generate interest on your titles. Run a month long campaign and spread the word about your Giveaway to generate excitement amongst your audience.

B. Provide an exclusive offer for your title

Enhance sales by giving seasonal or special discounts on the marked price and spread the word in your network.

C. Create an Author Event

Conduct book reading sessions, webinars, workshops, seminars, play acting, music readings, exhibition or anything related be it online or offline, free or paid, create your event and spread the word to garner traction.

D. Create an Author Video Series

Record your Author Video according to our Video Interview guidelines or record short snippets of 1 -2 min of Video series reading out chapters from your book and mail them to us for creating Author fan base and connecting more audience to your network. Videos however have to meet our quality standards.

E. Add Instagram 1000 Followers

Having a large number of followers is a great boon to the creation of an Author fan base. You may keep them engaged with teasers of your title and encourage them to review and comment on your posts and title. This will increase audience engagement and yield to better sales.


Send us a mail with your Instagram account name where you want to add 1000 Followers.

We will send you a payment request for 10$ and upon your payment confirmation shall activate the service. You will have your followers loaded within a week.

F. Create an Exclusive Video Teaser

Creating a teaser is always good to grab the initial audience attention. A short one minute video is absolutely apt to get the word spreading about what your book is all about. Share your video on Youtube and other social media and let your potential readers get interested in your release.

Send us your video teaser requirement for your respective title and let us create an awesome video teaser for your book launch. The video teaser price is fixed at 40$.

G. Get Premium Limited Edition Author Copies

Order your Author Copies which have the Ukiyoto Seal and your Signature on the first page of your title. These titles are Premium Limited Edition titles to be given out on special occasions, book launches, placement at libraries and bookstores and even selling them at MRP gaining enhanced royalty.

Send us a mail as per the instructions mentioned above for Author Copies and get your exact rates to place order.