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..where dreams meet

Sueños is the first of its kind unique creative space for literature, art and music enthusiasts. Whether you're a writer, a poet, an artisan, a musician, a painter, a speaker, or a performer - it is the hub for all creators to meet.

You can showcase your work through displays at our physical outlets, events and activities and connect with your audiences and like-minded people by holding meets for book reading, book signing, panel discussions, talk shows, workshops, music performances and art exhibitions - the opportunities here are limitless.

Story Book

Our Locations,

Chapter One

Hyderabad - Sueños by Ukiyoto, 101, Vishwa Centre, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500 016

Chapter Two

Kolkata (for event bookings only) - Boi Chitra Art Gallery, 1st Floor, Indian Coffee House, College Square

Story Time

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.

~Neil Gaiman



Display your books for high visibility and reach to our visiting audiences and readers. (currently available in Hyderabad only).


Duration of Display - 3 months

Promotional Offer for readers- 10% Off on MRP

Introductory Price (for 3 months)

Rs 3,000 + 10% per sale charged as distribution fee


Make your art and merchandise available to customers by displaying them as a part of carefully curated collection at our outlet (Hyderabad only).

From artwork to handicrafts to T-shirts, mugs, paintings and all related.



Duration of Display - 4hrs in the day as per calendar booking

Introductory Price (per booking)

Rs 1,000 with no charge on sales



Are you planning your book launch, networking meet, or a literary workshop? We got the right space for you complimented with our visibility, marketing and branding. 



Event Duration - upto 3 hours

Food and beverages can be bought at actuals or pre-booked as per requirements (food items to be pre-approved)

Introductory Price
Kolkata - Rs 3,000
Hyderabad - Rs 1000

Sueños Membership Benefits

  • 20% off on all Networking meets at premium venues, events and activities across the World

  • 20% off on all online and offline workshops

  • Access to Sueños premises twice a year for hosting events, releases and launches with promotions

  • 20% off on all product or service purchases on Ukiyoto website or at outlets

  • Participation access to 1 online panel discussion with authors/writers from diverse backgrounds

  • Global Author Database Entry with Portfolio Listing

(Annual Plan)

Colleagues in Meeting


True, that your work speaks for itself, but you need to speak for your work as well.

Pink Bubbles


Visibility and Branding Options at high engagement literary events conducted by us.

Book dedicated space for brand collateral, photoshoots, and other activities through which you can reach niche audiences.



Go big or go home, it is said often. When going big, nothing gets bigger than outdoor LED Billboards.

Launching your next book, or reaching foreign audiences, OOH will definitely bring you the attention.


There is no better platform than social media to reach wider audiences. Our team crafts eye-catching and thematic creatives as well as give your social media posts an extra boost. Go social, let people know about your work.